Elevated Aliveness Workshop

When You're Ready to Re-Light Your Spark, It's Time to Get Your Groove Back

Elevated Aliveness is about reclaiming and embracing your joy and passion. Because, when you are living in joy and in touch with your passions, your experience of being alive rises.

Elevated Aliveness is about getting clear on why you’re here and deciding what you want.  And, not just deciding on what you want but also on believing that what you want is possible and taking the actions to get you there.

This half-day workshop is for people in transition who need to re-claim their true selves and their full self-expression. It’s for later-in-life, first-time parents who want to honor and celebrate their vitality and edge of their earlier selves ... now.  It’s for people at a cross roads in life, from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you want to know, "Where do I go from here?"  This workshop is for you.

If you want to know, "What am I here for?"  This workshop is for you.

If you want to know, "What do I really want in life?"  This workshop is for you.

If you’re tired of asking yourself, “How did I get here?” ... And, are ready to ask, “How can I create what's next?”  This workshop is for you.

Here's What You Get:

  • A dedicated day to your life purpose and pursuing what’s important to you
  • An understanding of the R Factor and how it's an essential first step to reclaiming your direction in life
  • Your Life Purpose Statement to use whenever you’re faced with decisions and new directions
  • Discover where grace and grit serve you to reach your wants
  • Embrace asking for what you want
  • Get energized and remember your fun and frivolous side!
  • A workbook to capture your thoughts and answers to our exercises


Hi, I'm MiShawn ... 

I love when people light up and I'm out to make more of that happen. Part of my purpose is to help people live with more aliveness and to break beyond the boxes we put ourselves in to create more Freedom, Self Expression and Harmony. I have led many personal development and leadership programs for hundreds of people and have personally coached many others in finding their direction, their voice and their leadership in their entrepreneurial pursuits. I've seen how people settle for minimums, comforts and convenience (I've been there too), when they deserve greatness and limitlessness. It is my privilege to provide resources that help you harness what's possible in your life so that you can achieve everything you desire and more. I'm out to have everyone Live a Life of Having It All and to truly experience themselves as the beauty, gift and force that they are.

Ultimately, I do this because I've been there.  And, my passion and joy is embedded in escaping an either/or life and sharing that escape route with my sisters and brothers who want that freedom too.


~  Online  ~

Saturday, March 6 from 10am - 2pm

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