The Power Of One Project

What Would It Take To Double My Impact?


I had this realization recently and I have decided to publicly challenge myself for two reasons…

1 - I need your help
2 - I need to accomplish this goal

Before I dig deeper into my two reasons, I want you to know that if you are reading this page it is because you are someone that I value in my life. You have already supported me in one way or another by hosting a tasting, being a Wine Society member, coaching me on an aspect of business or simply sharing my wines with others. I am confident that you can help me which will directly help you and the people in your life.

I NEED YOUR HELP: I accepted an international challenge with 1,000's of changemaker entrepreneurs where all of us are committed to doubling our impact in the next thirty days. This is not for the faint of heart and I am asking you to do ONE thing …

Please think of ONE person in your life who would benefit from learning more about VinoVie and what I offer with Boisset Collection and introduce them to me. (I will share more about the #PowerOfOne Project below.)

WHY I WANT TO SUCCEED: I must succeed with this challenge because my entire life improved when I learned about Boisset Collection. You can see three of "My Reasons Why" here: ... and, now it is time for me to pay it forward to people who are in dire need of inspiration, passion, access and support.

Please continue to read this entire page and then contact me at 310-985-1213 and/or with the ONE PERSON you know I can help!

MiShawn Williams

Wine Consultant

Boisset Collection Infused Passion into My Life and I Know There is Someone in Your Life Who is Looking to Expand.

I will never forget when I first learned about Boisset Collection.
I was at the beginning of a career transition, the beginning of my marriage and thinking about motherhood and at the beginning of my wine exploration.

I cannot begin to express how gratefuI am for trying Boisset Collection and setting up my own brand, VinoVie, to pursue this as part of my purpose in life. With so many of life's major area's in flux, this business helped me pull it all together from doing what I love, to offering consistent wine and business education to allowing me the flexibility that I craved to work from home.

And, now it is time to reach more people so that they can begin to live and enjoy what's important to them - can I count you in?

What is the #PowerOfOne Project and Why Is it Important That You Play Your Part?

If people knew what we know, then they would do what we do…

This is the “war-cry” of the #PowerOfOne Project which is a movement of 1,000's of changemaker entrepreneurs from around the world who have committed to doing whatever it takes to double their individual impacts within the next thirty days.

All of these entrepreneurs are in an industry that directly improves lives so the outcome of this project and once it is achieved it will absolutely change the world.

Play your part - think of ONE PERSON in your life who needs to invite more luxury into their life, who might crave more connection, who might want to indulge in the wine lifestyle from education to earning an income and introduce them to me so that we can double our impact together!

Specifically, I'd love to connect with people who might want to 1. acquire new wines and 2. explore wine as an additional income stream
1. Freelance Creative Professionals
2. Executives at a management level currently or in the past
3. Event Planners
4. Realtors & Real Estate Developers
5. Wine Enthusiasts and Collectors
6. A person with a wine fridge, wine cellar or wine storage unit.
..... or, any one else you think would be a good fit for me and what I do and offer.

Thank you immensely for taking your time to do this.
All the Best!

The Time Is Here and The Time Is Now... #PowerOfOne